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Jobs for People Obsessed With Food

If you've ever dreamed of a job that involves sampling chocolate,  or travelling the world to seek delicious new flavors, there are a few plum jobs out there ready for the taking. Check out these sweet employment opportunities that pay you to sample and savor your favorite foods and drinks.

Travelling Beer Taster

Flight of Beer

Photo by Meredith

Ever wanted to travel the world and sample the greatest beers while you roam? Well, now is your chance. World of Beers are currently looking for a team of interns to travel the globe in search of new and exciting beers, and to share their thoughts with the nation. If this job sounds like the one for you, you can apply right now.

Chocolate Taster

Melted chocolate

Mmmmmelted chocolate | Photo by Meredith

The company behind Cadbury and Oreo products were recently hunting for a chocolate taster. Just imagine the sweet smell of chocolate as you walk in to work every day. The job was based in the U.K. and required over 7 hours of chocolate tasting a week. Sounds tough, eh? If you think you're up for the challenge, keep an eye out on their job listings page to see if this dream job comes up again.

Ice-Cream Flavor Guru

Vanilla Cherry Ice-Cream

Photo by lutzflcat

Ben & Jerry’s hire food scientists, chefs and research managers that are collectively called the Flavor Gurus. They generally eat a lot of ice-cream, experiment with many different flavors, and do a little paperwork too. This video will make you feel just a little jealous and very hungry.

Whole Foods Forager

Grocery bag

Photo by Karla Conrad for Eating Well

Imagine roaming around your local region, tasting products and hunting for the greatest food producers. Well, as luck would have it, this exact job exists. Whole Foods hire people called ‘Food Foragers’ who literally hunt for the next big thing to hit the supermarket shelves at your local Whole Foods Market. They employ different foragers for the various different regions in the states. If you love hunting down new foods and like a bit of adventure, this could be the very job for you. Read more about it here.

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