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Duncan Hines Recalls 2.4 Million Boxed Cake Mixes Over Potential Salmonella Risk

duncan hines classic white cake mix
Photo courtesy of Duncan Hines

Looks like you’ll be baking that cake from scratch.

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Check your pantry, because Duncan Hines just voluntarily recalled 2.4 million boxed cake mixes after the Food and Drug Administration found a possible link between a salmonella outbreak and the company’s popular white cake mix.

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Conagra Brands, Duncan Hines’ parent company, is reportedly cooperating with the FDA and the CDC.

As a result of the investigation, Conagra says it has also recalled three other varieties (Classic Butter Golden, Signature Confetti, and Classic Yellow) of cake mix that were made during the same time period.

Several of the affected individuals may have consumed the products raw, according to the FDA. Reminder: Never eat unbaked batter, even if you haven’t added any eggs to your cake mix. The products are often made with eggs or flour, which can carry bacteria that is harmless when baked.

If you’ve recently purchased Duncan Hines cake mix, check to see if your box matches the information below:

The FDA is encouraging consumers who bought these products to return them to the store where they were originally purchased.

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