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Easter's Sweeter With Lamb, Bunny, & Easter Basket Cakes

Brighten your Easter table with these fun and creative cakes decorated like lambs, bunnies, and Easter baskets.

Lamb Cakes

Lamb cakes are an Easter tradition that symbolizes spring and fertility. You can still find the molds in stores. The cakes are traditionally made with pound cake but your favorite cake mix will work just as well. Use shredded coconut to make the lamb's white and wooly coat.

Easter Lamb Cake II

"This recipe is a godsend. It comes out as a nice dense pound cake that is perfect for frosting and decorating. It just got out of the oven and was unmolded PERFECTLY." -- Patrick Henry



Easter Lamb Cake II | Photo by Anita BS

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Bunny Cakes

Everyone wonders what the connection is between Easter and bunnies. Have some cake while you're coming up with your own explanation.

Easy Bunny Cake

"We make this every year for Easter, the kids love it! I outline the bowtie in chocolate chips to define it a little more and then fill it in with the pink tinted coconut. I also spread green tinted coconut around the edges of the cake on the cookie sheet to give it alittle more color." -- Epearce


Easy Bunny Cake

Easy Bunny Cake | Photo by COURTNEYGRIFF

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Easter Carrot Cakes

Bunnies love carrots. Maybe that's why carrot cakes are so popular at Easter time. Certainly they make a lovely addition to the brunch buffet. Decorate with orange frosting "carrots" for a festive look.

Carrot Cake III

"This is the best carrot cake I have tasted in my life! It was absolutely delicious. And it was my first time making a cake from scratch. No more store bought cake for me." -- maryo



Carrot Cake III | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

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Easter Basket Cakes

Frost the cake. Then take shredded coconut and dye it green; sprinkle the "grass" on top of the frosting. Place candies in the center like an Easter basket. Use candy and marshmallows to make cute animal faces or flowers.

Easter Basket Cake

"Very festive for the Easter holiday! Instead of using the candy to decorate the basket, I've also used milk chocolate icing or colored the vanilla icing to match the handle then used a fork to gently rake a basket type woven look into the sides of the cake." -- Valerie Lynne



Easter Basket Cake | Photo by Nicholio

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