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5 Easy Gazpacho Recipes to Cool Summer's Swelter

Fresh, cool gazpacho is an ideal way to taste the peak of summer without turning up the heat. All the intense flavors, aromas, and colors of the season's best produce are delivered to your senses in one simple no-cook bowlful. Like so many homegrown recipes, there's no one right way to make gazpacho. And there are as many variations as there are seeds in a tomato. Here's are 5 of our top-rated favorites to try.


1. Southern Spain-Style Gazpacho

In this traditional preparation, vine-ripened tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are blended with heady garlic and rich olive oil. Crusty bread sneaks in there as well to add body and texture to the mix. The prep takes only 20 minutes, but you'll let the soup rest in the fridge for at least an hour as the flavors meld into summer's best soup. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and more olive oil before serving.

102047165 Southern Spain-Style Gazpacho Photo by Meredith 650x465

Southern Spain-Style Gazpacho | Photo by Meredith

Fast & Low-Carb

2. Quick and Fresh Gazpacho

There's no bread in this version, and the soup goes straight from the blender to the bowl without taking a rest in the fridge. Some reviewers blended only half the ingredients to give the gazpacho a chunkier texture, and some used lemon juice in the mix instead of vinegar. It's all good.

3658934 Quick and Fresh Gazpacho Photo by Allrecipes Magazine 650x465

Quick and Fresh Gazpacho | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

Seafood Lover's Special

3. Shrimp Gazpacho

Breaking from gazpacho tradition, this cold soup uses tomato and clam juice cocktail for its base. You'll add chopped avocado, cucumber, onion, fresh tomatoes, lemon juice, and cilantro for texture and flavor. What about the shrimp? You can add it to the gazpacho or serve it over the top.

101585910 Shrimp Gazpacho Photo by Meredith 650x465

Shrimp Gazpacho | Photo by Meredith

Green Party

4. Green Gazpacho

This gorgeous soup gets its color from cucumber, avocado, and honeydew melon. Onion, garlic, and jalapeño pepper add an unmistakable kick. And to balance things out, you've got lime juice and white balsamic vinegar.

861843 Green Gazpacho Photo by MrsFisher0729 650x465

Green Gazpacho | Photo by MrsFisher0729

Fresh & Fruity

5. Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho

No tomatoes in this version. Instead, you'll taste watermelon, cucumbers, sweet red bell peppers, mint, ginger, and pineapple juice. Onion and jalapeño pepper spice things up, while honey balances it out. Cool and refreshing, with a kick.

680013 Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho Photo by lutzflcat 650x465

Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho | Photo by lutzflcat

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