Family Movie Night

Pop the corn and dim the lights–we’re staying in for Family Movie Night.

Make a Movie Date
If you schedule Family Movie Night once a week maybe your eye-rolling teenagers will actually start looking forward to it.

  • If you have trouble deciding what to watch, write down some maybes and put them in a bowl. Pull out one or two titles, and there you go.
  • How about dinner and a movie? Whip up some food to go with the movie theme. Tip: Keep things simple so cleanup is easy when the lights come on.
  • Double features are a good way to see a kid-friendly movie with the children, and a grownup movie later. Tip: Plan an intermission between films so you can get up and stretch your legs.
  • If you’re short on seating, it’s your right to call dibs on the couch and let the kids nestle into pillows and blankets on the floor. (After all, you’re the adult and you paid for the movie.)
  • Darken the room, unplug the phones, and roll the film!

Movie Snacks
It’s fun to graze your way through a movie. Besides, family and friends will forgive all the rustling, crunching, and slurping.


My Amish Friend's Caramel Corn

Photo by Molly


Gourmet Chicken Pizza

Photo by Paula

Healthier Nibbles

Spiced Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Photo by larkspur

More Treats

A Brief History of Popcorn
How did this grain go from early Aztec staple to cinematic snack?

  • Ears of popcorn were discovered in a cave in New Mexico in 1948. More ancient than anything you’ve ever found in the back of your pantry, these specimens were over 4,000 years old.
  • Popcorn was an essential food for Aztec and Peruvian civilizations; European explorers from the 16th century described Aztec rituals involving popcorn.
  • During the Great Depression, popcorn was an affordable snack.
  • When sugar was scarce during WWII, popcorn surged in popularity in the United States.
  • TV viewing at home sent movie popcorn sales into a slump until families started popping their own.
  • The average American consumes about 68 quarts of popcorn every year.