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Allrecipes’ International Sites



How are the international Allrecipes’ sites (UK, Australia, Mexico, Russia, etc.) different from the original US site?

The Allrecipes’ 17 international sites are packed with authentic recipes from local home cooks. The sites contain many helpful features such as recipe videos to provide insights into local food culture, local ingredients, preparation techniques, and much more. The international sites also include rich collections of global recipes on the international sites using content that’s shared and localized across all international sites. For example, on the UK site you can find an authentic Italian lasagna recipe translated from the original Italian version into English for home cooks in the UK.


How can I look at Allrecipes’ international sites?

It’s easy!  From the drop down at the bottom of the page on the U.S. and Canadian versions of Allrecipes, select one of the country options. See image below:

select international site

You can find a similar drop down from the bottom of any international page to select a different country you wish to explore. The image below shows what to look for:



I have a profile on the U.S. site. Can I use the same account on the international sites?

U.S. site profiles are shared only with the Canadian site, which has the same features and benefits as the U.S. site. Creating a new profile is required for all other international sites, such as UK, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Quebéc, etc.  You’ll need to do this if you want to save recipes, add your own recipes, reviews and photos to the site, and receive newsletters and notifications. Membership to all international Allrecipes sites is FREE – just like it is on!


Do all the international sites use their own languages?

Yes. Each international site uses its native language. English languages websites are Allrecipes Canada, UK, Australia/New Zealand, India, and Southeast Asia. French-speaking Canadian home cooks may also visit Allrecipes Quebéc to find their cooking inspiration.  You can translate each page into your own language through your internet browser settings.


How do I figure out which scaling system is used to prepare recipes on an international site?

It’s easy! There are two options. The Canadian site uses the same scaling system as the U.S., while other international sites use metric measurements and/or Celsius temperatures. To help with all your ingredient calculations, you’ll find a conversion table by clicking this link:  Recipe Conversion Basics