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Menu Planner



What is the Menu Planner? Menu Planner is a nifty online tool to help home cooks create menus for single meals or multiple meals. With a few click, anyone can develop a menu for a day, an event, or a whole week or even a month! The delicious good news: Allrecipes has more than 1,000 menus, ready for you to use and customize.


How do I start using the Menu Planner?

The Menu Planner is a feature available to Allrecipes Pro Members.

To get started, click on your username at the top right of any page and select Menus. 


You’ll be taken to a page like below where you can create your own weekly menus and use preset menus by the Allrecipes team.


If you see a recipe on the site and want to add it to a menu or create a menu using this recipe, click the  Heart icon to save the recipe as one of your Favorite recipes. Then, to create a menu or add the recipe to an existing menu, select Menus from the pull down menu underneath your username at the top right corner of the page.


What is a menu?

A menu is a group of complementary recipes combined to make a meal, or several meals, depending on the type of menu. When you’re hungry or short on time, it’s a ready-for-action game plan to get dinner on the table fast. When you use an Allrecipes menu, the menu gives you nutritional information, a shopping list, and helpful hints about preparation and serving. You can view ready-to-use menus by clicking on your username and selecting  Menus from the drop-down menu. Allrecipes Pro Members can save and edit these menus, as well as create their own menu.


What is My Menus?

My Menus is the list of menus you have either created or saved as an existing Allrecipes menu. Menus are a feature to Allrecipes Pro Members.


How do I find Allrecipes’ Menus?

Allrecipes’ Menus can be found by first clicking on your username at the top right corner of any page; next selecting Menus, and then  All Menus under  My Allrecipes Tools. You can also see all of the Allrecipes Menus by clicking here.


How do I save Allrecipes’ Menus to My Menus?

From any Allrecipes preset menu page, click Add to My Menus from the menu toolbox near the menu description.



How do I create a menu?

Here are several ways to create your own new, personal menu.

  • From any page on Allrecipes, select  Menus from the drop down menu next to your username and going to Menu Planner.
  • You can select recipes directly from your saved recipe  using the My Recipes category in the  Build Your Menu box on the left side of the Menu Planner page. Then, drag and drop your selected recipes into the menu in the center of the page.
  • Or you may search for recipes in the Allrecipes database using the Search feature in the Build Your Menu box.
  • To add the recipe to your menu, drag and drop the menu to the preferred day.  As you add recipes to your menu, a matching shopping list will be automatically created.


  • To add a meal or additional day to your menu, click Add New Meal below the last meal you created, and follow the same steps to create a new meal.
  • Want to change the serving size? You can change the serving size of the entire menu from the Menu Options dropdown at the top of the Menu Edit page by clicking Change Servings. To change the serving sizes of a single recipe, click on the existing serving size, and then select the serving number you would like. (Please note: Only Kitchen-Approved recipes can be re-scaled)


  • Once you are happy with your menu, save it by clicking Save Menu on the far right or the page, or select Menu Options  on the drop down list. Good news! You can make edits to your menu at any time!


How can I customize or edit an already created menu?

Find My  Menus on the drop down list, open the menu you wish you change, and then click on Edit  Menu in the Menu Toolbox. From there, you will be able to remove recipes in the menu, drag and drop recipes from your Recipe Box into your meal (shown on the left side of the page), or search for recipes to add to the menu. Your shopping list will be automatically updated as you add or remove recipes from your menu.

To save as a new menu, click the down arrow in the small orange box next to Menu Options, rename the menu, and then write in items not included in the original menu. You may also add details, change serving sizes, and save and share your menu on your Allrecipes profile page.

To add another meal to the menu, click on Add New Meal under the last meal in the menu.


How can I find menus I have previously saved?

Your menus are all collected under My Menus in My Allrecipes Tools in the top left corner of the page. Click here to see your most recently added menus.


How do I know how many recipes are in each menu, or how many meals are included?

Easy! Select My Menus, and a list of your menus will appear with details about the number of meals and recipes for each one. You’ll also see a description of the menu, plus any tags you included.



How do I add items other than a recipe to a menu I am creating or customizing?

Open the menu you wish to change, and then click Write in Your Own Item from the Menu drop down list for each day. From here, you may create a personal recipe and add it to your menu. Ingredients for the new item or newly created personal recipe will also appear in your shopping list, under Other Items. (Please note: If you change the number of servings, items you write in and personal recipes will not have nutritional information.)



How do I remove an item or recipe from my menu?

Go to the menu detail page, and then click E dit Menu (or Customize Menu for menus created by Allrecipes.) Move your cursor over the recipe or menu item you want to remove to highlight it, and then click the orange x on the right side. This will remove the recipe or item from your menu, as well as its ingredients from your menu shopping list.



How do I add details to my menu?

From the Menu Options drop down in the Menu Planner section, click Add Details. From there, you can change the title, add a description of your menu, add notes, and categorize your menu !. Click OK once the information is complete and the changes and new information will appear on your saved menu.


What is the difference between My Menus and Menu Planner?

My Menus is your list of saved menus, while Menu Planner is the tool you can use to edit or create new menus.


How do I create a shopping list for a menu?

As you create a menu, your shopping list will automatically be created. Once you finish creating your menu, click Save Menu on the far right, and then click Add to Shopping List. (Please note: If you make a change to the menu, and then re-save it, and click Add to Shopping List again, all the items will be added to the shopping list a second time.) You may create a new shopping list for the menu, or add the menu to one of your existing shopping lists.




How do I print a menu?

On any Menu display page, click Print Menu to open the Print Preview page. Select your favorite print options, and click Print. Click Cancel to return to the Menu display page. As an alternative from the Edit Menu page, click the Menu Options drop down next to the menu title, and then click Print to go to the print preview page. Select the print options you want, and then click Print. Click Cancel to return to the menu display page.

You can choose which menu days to include as well as Cooking Instructions and the Shopping List.