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Email notification/alerts descriptions

Have the latest recipes, meal ideas, and cooking tips from Allrecipes delivered right to your inbox. We have newsletters that inspire, educate, or simply give you great ideas for tonight’s dinner or a week’s worth of meals.


Warm up with the top winter comfort-food recipes, sent daily for 31 days.

Great cookie recipes to keep Santa happy, sent daily for 25 days.

Meals made easy with recipes delivered daily to your inbox.

Good and good for you: Enjoy weekly collections of easy, healthy, tasty recipes.

Learn about special deals and news from our trusted partners.

Get our 23 best pie recipes, sent daily through Thanksgiving.

The hottest recipe and food trends we can’t stop talking about, delivered three times per week.

Hear the news first! Find out how to make your shopping and cooking even easier from site updates to our top-rated mobile apps.

This week at Allrecipes: Get the hottest recipes, best photos, and rave reviews.


What is in our email notifications?

  • Newest Recipes: Receive an email when new recipes are published on the site. Choose from 20 different recipe categories.
  • New Photo: When a new photo is posted to your recipe
  • New Review: When a new review is posted to your recipe
  • My Published Recipe: Receive an email when your recipe is published on Allrecipes
  • Someone Follows Me: If someone follows you on Allrecipes, you’ll receive a notification email
  • Favorites & Followers:  There is activity related to my favorites and followers
  • Membership:  There is information about my membership


Managing your email notifications

It’s easy to change your e-mail and newsletter preferences! First, log into your account. Then click your username in the upper right-hand corner and go to  Settings.

From there, you can change your sign in address, your password, change the email you’re receiving our newsletters at, and mix up the newsletters and notifications you want to receive from Allrecipes!


If you scroll a little down the page, you’ll be able to change when you’re receiving emails and which newsletters you want to be receiving to the email that you designated above.


You might have to add “” to your email address book in order to ensure it and all future email notifications will be allowed through your spam filters.


Not receiving your newsletters?

Spam filter: If you are not receiving your newsletter subscriptions, check with your email service provider to see if there is a problem on their end. This does happen with some services that “cache” e-mails; not all emails reach their destination. We have also heard reports that some ISPs sometimes mistakenly add Allrecipes newsletters to their spam lists. They should be able to tell you if they have done this.

Your own email filters may be blocking our newsletters. All of the Allrecipes newsletters are sent from “”. Please allow this address in your email filters to ensure that you continue to receive your newsletters.

Held status: If you have stopped receiving your newsletter subscriptions, it may be due to a spam report. This can happen when a user mistakenly reports us as spam to their ISP, or if there have been delivery problems which have resulted in too many bounced (returned) emails. Please let us know if you have stopped receiving your newsletters. We will re-subscribe you as soon as we can.

If you stop receiving your newsletters, please contact us at Our Customer Support Team is happy to help restore your status!


Hold requests

Allrecipes does not have the ability to temporarily suspend newsletter subscriptions, but you can unsubscribe so you do not receive newsletters while you are away. When you return, you can sign up and receive your favorite newsletters again.



Adding and sharing recipes from the newsletter

Our newsletters now have additional ways share recipes! The titles and photos of the recipes in the newsletters are links to the recipes on our site. This will bring you to the actual recipe page on Allrecipes, where you can view nutritional information, add the recipe to your Favorites, and print as you normally would. Now you are also able to share the recipe via Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as well as follow the cook!



The links in the newsletter are not working

The most common reason why the links in the newsletter are not working is that your email program does not support active links. If this is the case, you can copy and paste the recipe address in your browser’s address bar. Or contact your email provider for additional troubleshooting help.