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Goat Meat Is the Trending Protein for Burgers, Stews, Curries, & More

Have you tried goat yet? It's a lower fat, higher protein meat that's really catching fire. It's also low-cost and delicious.

Goat Legs on a Charcoal Grill

Goat Legs on a Charcoal Grill

"Goat meat is like soccer,” says John Larson, founding partner at Andrew Zimmern Restaurants, the guy behind the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” show. “It’s enjoyed by a billion people all over the world, but Americans haven’t been exposed to it.” But they should be, insists Larson: "Goat meat is delicious, healthy, low-fat, flavorful and not overpowering. It has a tremendous amount of good things going for it.”

Goat meat is also rich, with great texture and a sweet grassy flavor. To get your goat going, Ian Gray of Minneapolis food truck The Curious Goat recommends starting with ground goat, swapping it out in place of ground beef or chicken in any favorite recipe. “Don’t be scared, and give it more than one shot,” he urges.

While it's lower in calories, total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol than most animal proteins, goat meat's high iron and protein content make it a hearty and satisfying centerpiece of many comforting one-dish meals.

Braises, Curries, Stews, and Soups

Goat meat does well with the long, slow braises of many classic curry and stew preparations.

Pressure Cooker Goat Curry

This dish combines an ancient spice blend, curry, with a modern time-saving device, the pressure cooker. The recipe suggests serving it with jasmine rice or naan, a flatbread common in Southeast and Central Asia.

Pressure Cooker Goat Curry

Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

Black Pepper Goat Curry

"Black pepper is found in abundance in Kerala, South India," says Tarama, the recipe submitter. "Coupled with curry leaves, the black pepper takes goat to a whole new level."

Jamaican Curried Goat

Here's a spicy option straight from Montego Bay. Amp up the number of fresh hot chili peppers to increase the heat.

Jamaican Curried Goat

Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

Goat Shoulder Braised with Prunes and Preserved Lemons

Serving suggestions for this sweet-savory comfort food include roasted potatoes or Israeli-style couscous, which has large, chewy grains.

Goat and Butternut Squash Stew

Prepare this stew in a slow cooker for an even easier weeknight meal.

Peanut Butter Goat Soup

Creamy and very filling, this soup can be a complete meal.

North African Spicy Goat Curried Rice Pilaf

In this spicy North Africa-inspired pilaf, curried goat meat combines with fluffy brown basmati rice.

Goat around the Globe

Circle the globe from your kitchen table by trying these world-cuisine favorites.

Filipino Goat Stew

This recipe is based on a Filipino stew recipe called caldereta. It's guaranteed to be masarap (Tagalog for "delicious").

Goat Stew

Photo by twoyorkiesmom

Shyam's Goat Biryani

Goat meat is marinated in a seasoned yogurt sauce, then layered with buttery rice, in this hearty Indian meal.

Birria de Ameca, Jalisco (Braised Goat)

A traditional Mexican stew often served at holidays, this dish includes a marinade of ancho chiles and spices. Birria is always accompanied with refried beans and corn tortillas.

Kabritu Stoba (Dutch Antilles Goat Stew)

"This is a spicy stew with goat's meat as a main ingredient. The recipe suggests serving it over rice, potatoes or funchi (Caribbean corn meal mush). Here's a recipe for Funchi.

Twists and Turns

Here are even more ways to extend your goat-themed repertoire.

Greek Hamburgers

These hamburgers include feta, goat cheese and Greek yogurt. Although the recipe calls for beef, you could try using ground goat meat instead.

Greek Burger with Goat Meat

Greek Burger with Goat Meat

Dutch Bokkenpootjes - Goat's Feet

To keep the theme of your goat-based meal right through to dessert, try this traditional Dutch almond meringue cookies filled with butter icing and dipped in chocolate. They really do look like goat feet!

For more delicious ways to cook goat, check out our collection of Goat Recipes.

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