Grilling 101: Grilled Vegetables

Make room on the grill for veggies. Caramelizing flames and a touch of smoke do wonders for vegetables.

Grilled Asparagus

Photo by pelicangal

Best for the Grill
A lot of veggies do well on the grill, but some really stand out–asparagus, corn, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers (bell or hot), onions, even cabbage.

Marinated Vegetables
Most vegetables cook better and are less likely to stick if marinated first or brushed lightly with cooking oil. For added flavor, sprinkle grilled vegetables with fresh herbs.

Eggplant Mixed Grill

Photo by SunnyByrd

Grilled Corn
Perfect for grilling, corn even comes with its own wrapper.

Miss Bettie's Zesty Grilled Corn

Photo by Jillian

Grilled Tomatoes and Mushrooms
Corn’s frequent companion, the tomato, might not seem well-suited for grilling, but it works surprisingly well. Grilling also brings out the best in most mushrooms, especially portobellos.

California Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Photo by Nashville Nosher

Depending on what you’re grilling, you might want to cut larger veggies (like eggplants, squash, and onions) into smaller pieces.

Small vegetables like cherry tomatoes or sliced veggies work best  threaded through kabobs. You can also wrap vegetables in heavy duty foil, though cooking in foil cuts back on that appealing smoky flavor.

Grilled Yellow Squash

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

Grilling times vary from veggie to veggie, but they’re generally more delicate than meats. So keep a close eye on your vegetables.

Veggies to Avoid

Most vegetables love the grill. But a few–like cucumbers, celery, and most leafy greens–don’t do well because of their high water content.

A Complete Menu for the Grill

Try this ready-to-go grilling menu or create your own menus.