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Grilling Times For Duck And Goose

This chart shows you how long to grill duck and goose.


Duck and goose should be cooked to 165 degrees F (75 degrees C). Clear juices are not a good indicator of doneness. Depending on the age of the bird, the juices might not run clear until the bird is overcooked.

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Grilling Times for Duck or Goose

Cut Method Heat Time Internal Temp. (minimum)
Whole Duckling ---- ---- ---- ----
4 1/2 pounds Indirect Medium 2 1/2 hours 165 F (75 C)
Quartered Duckling Indirect Medium 85 min. 165 F (75 C)
Whole Goose ---- ---- ---- ----
8 to 12 pounds Indirect Medium 18 to 20 min./pound 165 F (75 C)

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