Grilling Tools

Tools of the trade.

BBQ Steak

Photo by Jules

It’s summer! And backyard barbeques are hitting the grill. The right tools let you focus on doing it right.


Handling the Grill

Extra-long mitts and long-handled basting brushes and spatulas help you handle the heat, putting a comfortable distance between you and the flames. Spring-loaded long-handled tongs keep you comfy and let you gently grab rather than stab food.

Tame the Flame

When using the indirect cooking method, place disposable drip pans under fatty foods to catch drippings and prevent flare ups. If the flames do flare, knock them back down with a few blasts from a trigger-operated water bottle.

Keep it Clean

Grilling is a messy business. A good wire-bristled grilling brush will make clean-up time quick and painless. Handy wipes let you quickly clean your hands. And, of course, an apron will keep your duds safe from splatters and other messes.


Put Your Tools To Work:

Marinated Barbequed Vegetables

Photo by Cat Lady Cyndi