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6 Delicious Ways to Eat Halloumi

Halloumi takes the concept of "grilled cheese" literally. This cheese won't be constrained between two pieces of bread. It dives directly onto the grill.

Grilled Halloumi

Photo by Meredith

And because halloumi cheese is firm and has a high melting point, it won't turn into messy, melt-through-the-grill-grates goo. Instead, the surface of the cheese firms up, develops gorgeous grill marks, a savory, slightly salty flavor, and a wonderful texture that's unlike anything else. But if you were pressed to compare it to something familiar, you might say it almost has the texture and squeak of cheese curds.

Halloumi with Corn and Red Cabbage

Photo by Meredith

Too chill to grill? That's okay, halloumi is also amazing popped under the broiler or fried over high heat in a skillet.

Halloumi is typically made with sheep and goat’s milk. It's popular in Cyprus and the Middle East. In Cyprus, they eat it with watermelon. It's also delicious with grapefruit. Add halloumi to salads. Enjoy it with kabobs. Grill up some veggies and add everything to grilled pita bread with tzatziki sauce. Try Halloumi in place of feta in Greek Saganaki. Or try these recipes:

1. Halloumi Salad

A tasty arugula and tomato salad with broiled or grilled halloumi and a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar, honey, and olive oil. Turn it into a tasty Mediterranean pasta dish by subbing in your favorite pasta for the pita bread.

2. Halloumi Cheese Fingers

"Fry or grill this Cypriot-style cheese and serve with a Greek salad and crusty bread for a complete meal." -- Linda

3. Eggplant and Halloumi Roll-Ups

"Baked slices of eggplant filled with a tangy halloumi cheese mixture are a great appetizer or side dish, even for people who normally don't enjoy eggplant." -- Kristin

4. Watermelon Surprize

Add grilled halloumi to this refreshing summer salad, and you have a serious Cyprus-inspired treat.

5. Mediterranean Greek Salad

Grilled halloumi would be a delicious addition to a classic Greek salad.

6. Turkish Chicken Kebabs

Add slices of halloumi to the grill at the very end. It's always a delicious addition to kebabs.

Halloumi with Kebabs

Photo by Meredith

How to Grill Halloumi: Pre-heat the grill to get the grates hot. Give the cheese just enough time to develop dark beauty marks -- 1-or-2 minutes per side. To flip, slide a thin metal spatula under the cheese to loosen the grill's grip.

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