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Halo Top's Newest Flavor is a Guilt-Free Pumpkin Pie

The seven new flavors of Halo Top announced about a week ago haven’t even hit the freezer aisles yet (so close, though…August 14th), and they’re already comin’ at us with another new flavor: Pumpkin Pie! I must say, Pumpkin Pie ice cream sort of sounds like the perfect way to transition from summer to fall. It’s pumpkin-y and fall-y, but also cool and summery.  And only 360 calories for the entire pint! Yes, that will do just fine.

Pumpkin Pie

New Pumpkin Pie Halo Top will start being rolled out in stores August 14th. | Image by Halo Top.

The Pumpkin Pie flavor is the first seasonal and limited time flavor being offered by Halo Top. And it feels pretty safe to assume that if this is the “first,” that means there will be more, right? Please?? Look for Pumpkin Pie to be in stores nationwide starting the week of August 14th along with the other new flavors, and it’ll stick around through the end of November. That timing works out for a certain delicious-sounding dual action pumpkin situation: a spoonful of Halo Top in one hand, and a PSL in the other? Mmm…

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