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7 Favorite Hometown Ice Cream Shops Across America

vanilla ice cream recipe
Vanilla Ice Cream IV | Photo by Happyschmoopies

The scoop on scoop shops

We asked our Allrecipes Allstars to tell us all about their favorite hometown ice cream, gelato, and shake shops from across America. If you’re traveling this summer, here’s where to get a delicious scoop—and a locally recommended ice cream adventure.

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1. Nora Roy can’t get enough of LICK HONEST ICE CREAMS in Austin, Texas.
Their goat cheese, thyme, and honey ice cream is SO ridiculously good. They have creative—and delicious—flavors, don’t use artificial colors or flavors, and try to keep ingredients as local as possible.

ice cream in cone
Photo by Annie Ray, Lick's Honest Ice Cream

2. Rosalind Brazel likes FAINTING GOAT GELATO in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood.
There’s always a line in the summer. The gelato is light, smooth, and creamy, and their salted caramel is TO DIE FOR!

3. When it comes to old-school scoop shops, Paula Roten says you can’t do better than VELVET CREAM in Hernando, Mississippi.
Locals call it ‘The Dip.’ I love that it opened in 1947 and is still thriving 72 years later. It’s a hometown icon and offers 250 flavors. My favorite? Chocolate chip cookie dough. People drive from all over just to get a scoop or a shake at The Dip.

4. Sarah E. Stone likes vegan-friendly ROXY’S CLASSEN CURVE ICE in Oklahoma City.
They offer traditional ice cream plus vegan options, along with sorbet and sherbet. Additionally, they have floats, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and more!

5. Jewel Kingsley likes PAV’S CREAMERY in Green, Ohio.
After having just a little walk-up ice cream window for years, they now have three additional local locations. The ice cream is homemade in small batches. They have outdoor seating with firepits. And their boozy adult milkshakes are AH-MAZING!

ice cream in pool
Photo by Pav's Creamery

6. Adawndria Fisher vouches for HOWDY HOMEMADE in Dallas.
The ice cream is yummy, and they employ people with special needs. (I’m a special education teacher, so I’m biased!) Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip ice cream is what they are famous for.

Howdy Homemade child playing guitar
Photo by Howdy Homemade

7. Debbie Hendrix says her favorite ice cream shop is actually on a farm: GILLIS HILL FARM in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
They have awesome ice cream. My go-to year-round flavor is probably mint chocolate chip. And, with any purchase, you get to walk around the farm and see the animals.

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