How To Host An Easter Egg Hunt

Throw a neighborhood Easter egg-hunting party. These games and activities will keep the party hopping!

Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets | Photo by Meredith

Build Beautiful Easter Baskets

Before the hunt can begin, all the little bunnies will need a container to collect their treasures. Help them make custom-designed Easter baskets.

  • Collect plastic pint-sized strawberry baskets; they’re the perfect size.
  • You’ll also need inexpensive colored ribbon or construction paper cut into strips, and pipe cleaners.
  • Let the kids weave the ribbon and construction paper through the holes in the strawberry baskets, and then twist the ends of a pipe cleaner around opposite sides of the basket to form a handle.
  • Put a small amount of Easter grass in the bottom of each basket to cushion the eggs.
  • Alternately, have colorful beach pails on hand for collecting eggs.

Tips for a Terrific Easter Egg Hunt

Before guests arrive, hide eggs in both easy and difficult places to keep kids challenged. And, of course, check the weather forecast if you plan an outdoor hunt.

  • Sprinkle baby powder “paw prints” around the house. Invite kids to follow the Easter Bunny to where the hunt begins.
  • Award special prizes for eggs rolled in glitter or marked by special stickers.
  • Limit the number of eggs each child can keep so no child gets left out.
  • Hide clues in hollow eggs for a treasure hunt.
  • See How to Dye the Prettiest Easter Eggs.

How to Make Hollow Eggs
If you balk at the idea of hiding cooked eggs around the yard, try hollowing them out before you dye them:

  • Poke small holes in the top and bottom of a raw egg.
  • Poke a thin skewer or straw inside to break the yolk.
  • Hold the egg over a bowl, and gently blow on the top hole until the raw egg drains into the bowl.
  • Let the shells dry, and then decorate.
  • Check out these 6 All-Natural Easter Egg Dyes.

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Easter Party Games

Engage kids with all kinds of games:

  • Egg Relay Race. Divide the kids into teams. Kids carry eggs on spoons or (more difficult) forks, and the first team to finish is the winner. Or have players on their hands and knees, using only their noses to nudge eggs past the finish line.
  • “Bunny Hop” Sack Race. Use old pillowcases for an old-fashioned sack race.
  • Pin the Cotton Tail on Peter Rabbit. Forget pinning the tail on the donkey! Tack up a drawing of Peter Rabbit. Pass out cotton balls with double-stick tape for tails.

More Fun Easter Activities

  • Face-painting. Use non-toxic colors found at your local craft or costume store to draw bunny noses and whiskers, flowers, and butterflies.
  • Let kids decorate their own “basket” desserts to bring home: spread icing on sugar cookies or cupcakes; sprinkle with green tinted coconut for grass, and top with jellybean “eggs.”
  • Consider treats beside sweets. Art supplies, kid-sized gardening tools and seeds, or cool bath things (don’t forget the rubber ducky) make fun surprises.

Feed the Flock

All those hungry little hunters are going to need something to munch on besides candy. Simple refreshments like sandwiches and fruit are the perfect thing for a sunny afternoon.

To be extra-festive, make thin sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or egg salad, and then use cookie cutters to cut them into cute shapes like bunnies, lambs, chicks, and eggs.

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