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How to Fold Super-Cute Bunny Ear Napkins for Easter

Your Easter table will hippity hop to the next level when you embellish it with these whimsical bunny ear napkins. I'll show you how easy it is to fold them, with step-by-step video instructions and essential how-to tips for this adorable Easter DIY.



Bunny Napkin on Plate | Image and Styling by Vanessa Greaves

When I first saw bunny ear napkins all over Easter Pinterest boards, I couldn't resist giving them a try. And many folds and frustrations later, I'm here to share insider secrets that I think you should know. For example, actually getting them to stand up was...let's call it challenging. But I found an easy solution that really works. Check it out.

How To Fold Bunny Napkins

You'll Need

Large square napkins made of cloth or paper (I used unstarched washed linen)
Ribbon or mini elastic bands (optional)


First watch the video, then I'll take you through it step by step.


Tip: For best results, match edges and corners, and press creases as you fold.


Steps 1 2 3

Images by Allrecipes

1. Fold a square napkin in half, bringing the bottom edge to the top.

2. Fold in half again, bottom to top.

3. Find the center point and fold the bottom corners up along center line. Your napkin should look like this.


Steps 4 5 6

Images by Allrecipes

4. Fold the top corners down to meet at the center.

5. Fold the outer corners in and down to meet along the center line. The two upward points you've just made are the bunny's ears.

6. Flip the napkin over so the ears are pointing towards you.


Steps 7 8 9

Image by Allrecipes

7. Fold the top corner down.

8. Turn the napkin over again so the ears are pointed away from you.

9. Fold the outer corners inward until they overlap each other.



Step 10

10. Tie closed with ribbon (or slip on a mini elastic band) to hold the overlapping corners together.

How to Make Bunny Ears Stand Up

The Problem
Bunny ears want to fall apart. You could tuck one corner into the other and stand the napkin up—like you see all over Pinterest and crafty blogs. BUT that only works with very stiff paper napkins or heavily starched cloth napkins. Even then, they might fall over or the corners might spontaneously unfold. Ask me how I know.

The Solution
Tie the base with a ribbon. It's the only way I've found to guarantee the napkins will stay folded and stand up without coming apart. And besides, the ribbons are pretty darn cute.

Now you can display your bunny napkins by standing them up, or you can unfold the back flap and lay the napkin flat. Either way, you've got yourself a bunny.



Elegant Brunch Place Setting | Photo by Vanessa Greaves

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