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I Made It!

Now that you’ve made a wonderful recipe, why don’t you tell everyone what you thought about it?

On any recipe page, you’ll see that you can select “ I made it!”  which can be located in the options bar under the recipes photo, and below the directions in the recipes Footnotes section.

i made it


i made it 35

Once you select the  “I made it” button, you’ll be able to add a photo of the recipe, share it on  Facebook, and see how many times you and other cooks have made that recipe. It’s that easy!

This is also the last opportunity you will have to undo the  I made it  if it was selected in error. You will not be able to go back and remove this recipe from the  I made it section of your profile after this point. To cancel hit the  Undo button in the top left corner.


I made it


The  I Made It tab is an easy-to-access collection of the recipes that you’ve made so you can go back and look at them any time. Simply go to your  Favorites and select the  I made it tab located underneath your cover photo.


i made it 4

Please note that adding recipes in the  I Made It tab does not automatically put the recipe into your  Favorites; you’ll still have to click the heart icon or save button to put the recipe in your  Favorites.