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Insanely Decorated Cakes that Legitimately Look Like Something Else

On a scale of one to ten, it is not nearly enough to say that these cakes (and one cookie) go to to eleven. Because it’s one thing to create a gorgeous dessert that makes mouths water, but these decorated masterpieces go to, like, a million and eleven—an achievement only possible when you actually make that dessert appear to be something else entirely. Cases in point...

If I did not know better, I’d have thought this pup was at my feet begging for a snack.

West Highland High Terrier.. such a serious name 🙄

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I’ve been wanting a copper KitchenAid for a while, and this one had me going for a second.

Good thing this one has the side-by-side or else I’d have started to pour myself a glass.

Cool if I move in?

I’ve actually been looking for a chunky knitted blanket for my couch—wait

This cookie foam art is really impressing this former barista.

If it weren’t for that slice, I’d have been tempted to take a seat.

If you want to see more ridiculously amazing baked works of art, I recommend following Cupcake Project on Instagram. Stefani Pollack does a fantastic job of pulling together the most fantastical eye candy.

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