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Is Tofu Gross or Glorious? Episode 4 of Dinner Spinner TV Heats Up the Debate

This week on Dinner Spinner TV, we take up the persistent dispute: is tofu delicious or disgusting? The challenge pits two home chefs in a battle for vegetarian victory. The assignment? Create a veggie main dish that’s ready in 45 minutes or less. One dish could be your next Meatless Monday fave – which one depends on whether you “like to eat sponges.”


Preschool teacher Nayza’s stuffed portobellos are made with a stealth ingredient that surprised host and judges alike. Do you have it in your kitchen? I'm guessing only about 10 percent of home cooks do.

Fiesta cup

Party on a plate

Nayza, who was raised vegetarian, heated things up, saying, “Tofu is gross!” Check out Kristy’s reaction:


“Girl, you just don’t make it right!”

Kristy’s entry? You guessed it: Grilled tofu and veggies in a French orange sauce, served over cauliflower rice.

Le tofu orange

Oui! Oui!

A throwdown ensued.

Gabe: Which one of you do you think will win?

Nayza: "Everyone loves a fiesta – hello."

Kristy: "French always wins."

Who did win? Watch the episode (find local showtimes here) and find out!

Do you agree with the judges’ decision? “Favorite” the recipe you like best. We’ll tally up the Allrecipes community’s favorites, ratings, and reviews to determine the “viewer’s choice” award!

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