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Italian Cuisine

Buon Gusto!

From big Bolognese ragu to simple Sicilian sardines, it's all Italian. Yet Italy's celebrated dishes are sources of great local pride in the places that developed them.

Importance of Place

Some dishes are so closely connected to place that they've assumed the name of their town of origin. In Italy, ordering la Fiorentina gets you a grilled T-bone; una Milanese, a breaded veal chop.

Family Tradition

Traditional Italian regional cuisines were perfected in home kitchens. Shared among family and friends over generations, it's no wonder we serve Italian food when the brood's all together.

Exceptional Ingredients

Italian cuisine offers a whole world of ingredients--fresh seafood, seasonal veggies, cured meats, beautiful cheeses, savory herbs--prepared in ways from simple to elaborate.

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