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15 Keto Breakfast Ideas for Going Low-Carb

Start your morning right.

Heard of the keto diet? It's the wildly popular diet that focuses on foods that are low in carbs, but high in fat. If most of your mornings look like grabbing a bagel and running out the door, you're going to have to change things up to stick to the keto diet. Carbs rule the breakfast world, but with a few key adjustments you can still enjoy pancakes, muffins, and breakfast casseroles all while sticking to your diet. Discover 15 of our best keto breakfast ideas for the low-carb lover.

1. Fluffy Keto Pancakes

Get your flapjack fix with this keto-friendly recipe. Reviewer MimiG80817 says, "I was afraid the texture would be weird, but they are fantastic! Very fluffy and the taste is better than regular pancakes." Some reviewers recommend reducing the amount of salt called for in this recipe.

Fluffy Keto Pancakes
Photo by Jackie Hall

2. Keto Low-Carb Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Reviewer Christina Aguilar says, "My favorite muffin is a lemon poppy seed. When I saw this recipe I just had to make it. They were delicious and lasted all of about five minutes out of the oven. I will definitely be making these again!" Muffins are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for busy mornings.

Keto Low-Carb Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Photo by kristinmschmid

3. Poached Eggs Mytilene

Recipe creator Scott Pete says, "I learned this no-fail poached egg recipe from a Greek chef I worked with who grew up in Mytilene. He ate this for breakfast just about every morning and it reminds him of his mother to this day. I make it for breakfast pretty frequently and it always gives me a good start to my day...It can be served with potatoes, toast, milk, juice, etc. to complete a good breakfast."

Poached Eggs Mytilene
Photo by Kim

4. Keto Cauliflower Hash Browns

"I used thawed riced cauliflower from the frozen section. Everyone in my family loved them including my very picky daughter who hates hashbrowns! I can't wait to make them again," says reviewer heathercs22.

Keto Cauliflower Hash Browns
Photo by Soup Loving Nicole 

5. Fluffy Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs in the microwave are an easy way to get protein first thing in the morning! Recipe creator Diana71 says, "Light and fluffy scrambled eggs are easy to make when at home or traveling! Everyone will love this quick energy bite to start the day. Top with pepper and shredded cheese, if desired!"

Fluffy Microwave Scrambled Eggs
Photo by Diana71

6. Keto Diet Avocado Egg Bake

Breakfast for one is served with this simple dish that is both high in fat (the good kind) and protein. Reviewer dpair recommends baking this in a small baking dish to catch any excess egg as it bakes.

Keto Diet Avocado Egg Bake
Photo by Soup Loving Nicole 

7. Oven Baked Bacon

Cooking bacon in the oven makes for much easier cleanup! Recipe creator barbara says, "I always bake bacon in the oven! You just need to plan a bit ahead as the bacon takes longer. With baking, the bacon grease stays nice and clean and you can reuse it to saute vegetables or eggs for extra flavor."

Oven-Baked Bacon
Photo by barbara

8. Roasted Leeks with Eggs (Paleo and Keto-Friendly)

Recipe creator paleo.pineapple describes this as, "A sheet pan of roasted leeks and green onions topped with avocado vinaigrette, toasted almonds, eggs, and red pepper flakes. Enjoy over baby spinach and arugula, if desired. Vegetarian, paleo, and keto-friendly."

Roasted Leeks with Eggs (Paleo and Keto-Friendly)
Photo by paleo.pineapple

9. Easy Gluten-Free Bagels

You don't have to give up your morning bagel after all! Recipe creator Gray Luring Recipes says, "Made with almond flour, these gluten-free bagels are easy, chewy, and delicious! They even stay fresh in the refrigerator and can be enjoyed several days later. They can be used as a bagel, a roll, or an alternative to a hamburger bun. Enjoy!"

Easy Gluten-Free Bagels
Photo by catsinthekitchen

10. Simple Keto Zucchini Hash

Zucchini, Parmesan, and eggs make this an elegant yet low-carb breakfast hash. Save your leftovers for a quick side dish! Reviewer bd.weld recommends squeezing out the excess zucchini moisture before cooking.

Simple Keto Zucchini Hash
Photo by bd.weld

11. Rebekah’s Keto Egg Casserole

Reviewer Sheryl Hudgeons says, "This is easy, healthy and delicious. I make it for me and my coworkers. Making such a big pan, there is enough for us to have breakfast every morning." Casserole is the perfect way to meal prep for satisfying breakfasts all week.

Rebekah's Keto Egg Casserole
Photo by Derbakermom

12. Easy Asparagus Frittata

"I love making a frittata whenever I want a quick meal," says recipe creator Marianne. "I always have eggs in the fridge, and you can use a variety of vegetables. I like asparagus the best, though. This is also a keto-friendly recipe."

Easy Asparagus Frittata
Photo by Marianne 

13. Instant Pot Paleo and Keto Egg Shakshuka with Kale

This is a unique and flavorful breakfast that’s ready in under 30 minutes in the Instant Pot. Recipe creator Fioa says, "Try this tasty keto and paleo breakfast shakshuka full of greens! Delicious, quick, and so easy to make in just minutes in your Instant Pot®!"

Instant Pot(R) Paleo and Keto Egg Shakshuka with Kale
Photo by Fioa

14. Keto Almond-Crusted Bacon and Tomato Quiche

Almond flour is used to make the crust of this quiche loaded with bacon, gouda, and cherry tomatoes. Perfect for breakfast or even a simple weeknight dinner!

Keto Almond-Crusted Bacon and Tomato Quiche
Photo by Fioa

15. Keto Avocado-Spinach Smoothie

Get your greens first thing in the morning with this smoothie that's packed with avocado, spinach, and coconut milk. Reviewer Yoly says, "The coconut milk is what made this smoothie. It was very creamy. I followed the recipe without making any changes and I really enjoyed it. It does make a rather small smoothie so next time I will double the recipe."

Keto Avocado-Spinach Smoothie
Photo by Yoly


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