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The "Keurig" for Wine Is Here, and It's Amazing

Attention: lightweights! Or basically anyone whose heart aches a little when an abandoned half a bottle of wine goes south. The very smart people of France understand your conundrum, and have come to the rescue with an apparatus that is essentially a Keurig for wine. Whaaa??!

To use the machine, simply slide glass tubes of wine—that may or may not remind you of high school Biology class—into the top of the machine and it dispenses perfectly portioned, freshly aerated, perfectly chilled (or not, depending on what’s being poured), glasses of wine. No cork. No waiting. Not a single drop to waste.

The D-Vine isn’t available in the U.S. quite yet—though with a $1,000 price tag, that might not be your biggest obstacle—but it’s looking like summer. So mark your calendars. And start squirreling away some dough.

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