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Kitchen Hacks: 3 More Things You Can Do With A Zip-Top Bag

Here are three smart things you can do with a zip-top plastic bag.

1. Fast-track garlic paste

Put peeled garlic cloves and a large pinch of salt in bag. Seal it, then use a rolling pin to mash and roll garlic until it becomes a paste.

Zip-top bag hacks

Photo by Allrecipes Magzine

2. Roll superthin cookies

Cut open bag on two sides so it opens like a book. Put cookie dough in center of one side and cover with other side. Roll very thin with a rolling pin, then cut out cookies.

Zip-top bag hacks

3. At-home sous vide

Put a piece of fish in bag along with lemon or lime slices, herbs, salt, and pepper. Force out as much air as possible from bag, then poach in 140°F water for 12 minutes. —ian_knauer

Zip-top bag hacks


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