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That Extra Rice? It Makes An Amazing Breakfast...Fast

Got extra rice? Awesome.

Now you can make this yummy breakfast rice pudding. It's way out of the ordinary. And ready in less than 15 minutes.

Spiced Banana Breakfast Pudding


Fiddle around with the spices as you like.

And if you like bananas and rice pudding for breakfast, you could be ready for bananas and quinoa "rice" pudding;

Banana Quinoa "Rice" Pudding

Banana Quinoa  Rice Pudding

Photo by lutzflcat

Of course, if you're more of the bananas with oatmeal-in-the-morning type, we gotcha there, too.

Banana, Chocolate, and Almond Breakfast Oatmeal


Extra bananas? Make Fried Sweet Bananas for dessert! It's total bananas as a topping for vanilla ice cream.

Fried Sweet Bananas

Fried Sweet Bananas

Photo by lutzflcat


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