S’mores + Little Debbie Treats = Pure Yum

Is there any treat that says summer more than s’mores? Okay, ice cream, you’ve got us there. Allow us to rephrase: is there any treat that says summer, slash camping season more than s’mores? We think not. But, what if you’re not around a campfire—[cough] bingwatchingsomethignlayingonyourcouch—and you have a craving? Excellent news! Little Debbie is coming to your rescue with their new S’mores Cake Rolls.

These Little Debbie S’mores Cake Rolls are available for the summer only, so act quickly! | Image by Little Debbie.

Let that sink in for just second—s’mores…that’s cake…that’s just for you. Yellow cake gets rolled up with s’mores-flavored cream, then drizzled with chocolate to give you the most smore-y smore’s experience. YUM. And they’re just hanging out for the summer, then it’s back to no-smore’s season, so act fast! Because we’re thinking there’s no other treat that says, Oh, yeahhhh, more than these delightful little confections.

Here are a few more ways to get your s’mores fix away from the campfire.

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