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7 Make-Ahead Breakfast Minis to Save Your Mornings

Make your mornings less hectic and eat a whole lot smarter by prepping a week's worth of protein-rich breakfasts in one big batch. Just store them in the fridge so they're ready to go when you head out the door. Goodbye crazy mornings, hello happy days.

1. Tomatoes and Bacon Egg Muffins

Mini breakfast quiches like these are smart ways to use up any leftover meats and vegetables you might have on hand. Bake them in cupcake liners for easier handling and clean-up. And yes, they freeze beautifully.



Tomatoes and Bacon Egg Muffins | Photo by BakingNana

Find out how protein-rich breakfasts help you feel fuller longer, and get recipe ideas.

2. Mason Jar Eggs

You can bake these beauties ahead of time and stash them in the fridge for up to a week. To heat them at the office, remove the lid and microwave for a few seconds until they're as warm as you want them. People are going to be so jealous.



Mason Jar Eggs | Photo by bc.weld

3. High-Fiber, High-Protein Breakfast Bars

Save money by making your own protein bars, like these easy bites packed with oats, flax seed, bananas, and peanut butter.

High-Fiber, High-Protein Breakfast Bars

High-Fiber, High-Protein Breakfast Bars | Photo by SavedByGrace

4. Make-Ahead Baked Egg Sandwiches

Feel free to use English muffins, biscuits, pita, or other bread instead of the croissants in this hearty breakfast sandwich. You can assemble and freeze them on Sunday for a week of easy, money-saving meals.



Make-Ahead Baked Egg Sandwiches | Photo by pomplemousse

5. Momma's McBiscuits

Refrigerated biscuits make these bacon and egg breakfast bites extra hearty. Be sure to use a non-stick muffin pan or grease a regular pan to help the biscuits pop out easily.

6. Bacon-and-Egg Muffins

Customize these easy, low-carb breakfast bites with different meats, vegetables, and cheeses. They freeze well and can be quickly heated in the microwave.



Bacon-and-Egg Muffins | Photo by Baking Nana

7. Paleo Omelet Muffins

You'll love how quickly and easily these come together. They're a great way to use up extra vegetables and meats.

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