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Make a Big Splash With Aged Homemade Eggnog

Ready for a holiday shocker? Booze-spiked eggnog tastes even better when it's aged. Sun Liquor, a micro-distillery and bar in Seattle, has been sharing this delicious tradition for more than a decade, serving its crazy good aged eggnog on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but the practice dates back hundreds of years. Here are four reasons you need to make this your signature move during the holidays.


Eggnog | Photo by Meredith

1.) It's Way Old School Cool

George Washington was a big fan of aged eggnog, taking advantage of cheap rum to preserve the boiled custard creation that later became known as nog. The 5-star rated Early American Eggnog is a nod to that tradition, updated by adding ice cream to a punch bowl. Some versions call for aging up to A YEAR, yet this version can be served after five days.

2.) Age Mellows the Booze

Alcohol bonds with the proteins in the milk and eggs and in the process the harsh edge of the spirit softens. The drink you thought you know turns into something different. One sip will convince skeptics.

3.) You'll be the Holiday Party Hero

This process is the flip side of quick-and-easy, but the effort is guaranteed to get noticed. Bring it to a party and your pals will be begging for a repeat next year.

4) It's the Perfect Excuse to Make Homemade Eggnog

If you've only tried store-bought eggnog, the homemade version will blow you away, promise. It's not as sugary sweet, creamier and has rich quality that's memorable. Here's Chef John's homemade nog. "Imagine a luxuriously textured bourbon-spiked custard being sipped through a thin layer of nutmeg-scented meringue," says Chef John.

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