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7 Super Cute Marshmallow Peeps Recipes for Easter

Marshmallow Peeps may have started out as a simple Easter treat, but over time they've become such a big part of pop culture that people compete each year to see who can create the most masterful diorama starring these bunny- and chick-shaped sugar-coated marshmallows. And with their seasonal specialty marshmallow treats, Peeps are now also part of nearly every major holiday year-round.  If you're not quite up for a project of diorama-like magnitude but still want to get a little creative, give one of these Peeps recipes — and Peeps-inspired recipes — a try.

1. Lemon Bar Peeps

This dessert — essentially a bar cookie version of the fluffy sugarcoated treats with a shortbread-like crust, lemon topping, lemon zest finish and mini chocolate chips for the eyes — is for the person who likes the idea of Peeps, but would rather have a lemon bar instead. (You like what you like. We get it.)

Lemon Bar Peeps

Lemon Bar Peeps | Photo by Stasty Cook

2. Peeps-Infused Vodka

This recipe from Allrecipes member Elizabeth is evil genius at work. Sugar, vodka, bright yellow — there is nothing else to say except, cheers! Watch this video on how to make a Peeps-infused vodka, perfect for lemon drop martinis.

3. PeepSmoothies

Yes, this is a thing. If you want an unleaded, creamier version of the recipe above, try this dessert smoothie to get your Peeps fix. "Major pucker power!" writes Allrecipes member lutzflcat in a review. "Tasted like sherbet!" raves Allrecipes member Emily Hoskins, who also notes that adding an extra Peep made it even creamier.


Peeps Smoothies | Photo by lutzflcat

4. Instant Chocolate Covered Bunnies (On a Stick)

For an instant Peeps upgrade, stick 'em on a stick and cover them with melted chocolate. This fast, fun project seems to look best when you use bunny-shaped marshmallows.


Instant Chocolate Covered Bunnies (On a Stick) | Photo by Nicholio

5. Sunflower Cupcakes

Put a sunny spin on chocolate-frosted chocolate cupcakes by turning them into sunflowers. Simply cut the ears off yellow Peeps bunnies and press them into the frosting around the edge of the cupcake. Cover the top of the cupcake with mini chocolate chips to make sunflower seeds.


Sunflower Cupcakes | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

6. Peeps® Skillet S'Mores Dip

Here's a fun idea for using up Easter-basket leftovers. Melt Peeps over a layer of chocolate in a skillet and scoop up all that melty, chocolatey goodness with graham crackers.


Peeps S'Mores Skillet Fondue | Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

7. Grown-Up Peeps-Inspired Marshmallows

Ready to take your Peeps game to the next level? These sophisticated double-decker raspberry-lemon marshmallows are dusted in granulated sugar, rather than powdered sugar, for a Peeps-like sweet finish. And if you miss the Peeps look, you can always cut these out of the pan with an Easter-egg or Easter Bunny-shaped cookie cutter.

sugared raspberry lemon drop marshmallows

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