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No Yolk About It! Duck Eggs are Best in Food Pix

Can we please give it up for the runny yolks that make mornings brighter? (What? Not a fan? Well, we'll let you squawk about that later.) And when it comes to the very best yolks, it's all about duck eggs. They're BIGGER, which makes them absolutely amazing for #yolkporn on social media. And, bonus, duck eggs are also better, with twice the nutritional value as their chicken counterparts. Two times the Omgea 3s. Yup.

650 x 465 duck eggs

Duck eggs. Photo by Leslie Kelly

These days, duck eggs are more widely available, sold at farmers markets and health food grocery stores. Fry 'em up just like you would a standard chicken egg and serve them one top of a piece of buttered toast, a pile of golden hash browns or some breakfast nachos. (See video below.) Day made!

[video width="320" height="240" mp4=""][/video]
Video by Magdalena Hill

Now, if you feel strongly about runny eggs, either pro or con, please send an email: and we'll share your yays and heck nah's in a future post.

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