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Oreo Candy Canes Are Here—Christmas Miracles Do Happen

Stores are stocking up with the latest and greatest candy just in time for the holidays. We heard rumors about Oreo's exciting Cookies and Crème candy canes in July and now they're finally here. These shiny black and white canes would be a striking addition to your Christmas tree, giving it an almost gothic look.

But, what do they taste like? Word on the street is they taste a bit like a Tootsie roll with a creamy aftertaste, and some even prefer them to the regular peppermint variety. Others disagree, and hate to see anyone mess with a classic mint candy cane. We're excited to try them though, and think they would look awesome on the Christmas tree. They are available in local supermarkets and drugstores, and from as of November 2017.


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