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Oreo Candy Canes Are Coming—Christmas Miracles Do Happen

There are people who start getting excited for Christmas on December 26, but even if you’re a bah-humbug about premature Christmas cheer, you might need to make an exception. Because word has it Oreo Candy Canes are going to be a thing come the holiday season. Nabisco hasn’t officially announced it, but Instagram account, Candy Hunting, says Oreo Cookies and Crème Candy Canes are working on a hybrid for the holidays.

Obviously, they’re not here yet, but just the mere promise of them! Talk about Christmas in (almost) July. A jolly surprise, it is. We’re just really, really excited. You might say, like a kid on Christmas morn—. Okay really, we’re stopping now. But if you need something to tide you over, here are a couple sources of Oreo magic with a twist that you can currently get your hands on:


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