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Oreo O's Cereal is Back for the Most Delicious #TBT Ever

Like Oreos? Like breakfast? If you answered "yes" to both—I mean, of course you answered "yes" to both—you are in for a real treat. Literally. And for breakfast! After ten whole years of depriving the world of a legit, justifiable method of eating your favorite cookie first thing in the morning, Oreo is bringing back their Oreo O's cereal come June. Oh-oh-oh!

editedOREO O's RE-RELEASE[6]

Oreo O's cereal is available in stores June 2017! | Image by Oreo

You can cook with Oreos!


Oreo O's cereal is available in stores June 2017! | Image by Oreo

You’ll want to skip the usual glass of milk you'd pour for your stack of cookies, because these chocolatey, crunchy O’s are begging to be drowned in a bowlful of the stuff. Although, no judgement if you wanna pop ‘em into your mouth straight from the box. After all, who has time for bowls, right?! Their original debut was way back in 1998, so let’s not waste a moment. And let’s also make this #TBT the most delicious one on record: check out Oreo's store/product locator to see where you can pick up a box. Or two or five.

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