Oscar® Party!

Celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night with top-rated party foods and winning cocktails.

Gather your film-fan friends on February 28th and get ready to dish.

Who will deliver the best performance in a red carpet interview? Who can flash the most convincing smile when the other nominee wins? And who said it was okay to wear that dress?

Fan Fare

To help make the night a blockbuster success, we’ve assembled an award-winning line-up of recipes. Feel free to edit, splice, condense, or rewrite to suit your tastes. Expecting a cast of thousands? Better make it a potluck!

Action-Packed Movie Snacks

Movie Star Popcorn

Photo by DIZ♥

Lights, Camera, Appetizers!

Coconut Shrimp I

Photo by DIZ♥

6 Degrees of Bacon

Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Wraps

Photo by n0ell

Drinks That Sparkle

Lemon Drop Martini

Photo by Spunky Buddy

Sweet Hollywood Endings

Mini Cheesecakes III

Photo by Kim’s Cooking Now!

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The Envelope, Please

  • Time your party so guests can fill out voting ballots before the awards ceremony begins.
  • Prizes go to those who predict winners in each of the major categories, or award one big prize to the guest with the most correct guesses.
  • Clever rewards could include candy, packets of microwave popcorn, entertainment magazines, movie posters, movie soundtracks, or miniature Oscar statuettes.

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