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Our Top 10 Big Game Recipes Never Lose

We gathered the stats, we crunched the numbers, and these 10 recipes came out on top! They're the big winners, dominating play at last year's football watch parties. They're the wings, dips, and finger foods that America reached for at game time.

How many will you be making for the big game?

1. Baked Buffalo Wings

"These easy to make hot wings are crispy without being fried. Always yummy to snack on. They only take 10 minutes for prep, but need to be refrigerated for about an hour so the flour coating is firm. You can add more cayenne or use a higher hot sauce to butter ratio if you like them spicier!" -- Leesah

Baked Buffalo Wings

Photo by Allrecipes

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2. Seven-Layer Taco Dip

"This is fabulous! I made it last year for the Super Bowl, and it was devoured! I was asked to make it again this year, and again, completely devoured! This is a keeper for sure." -- gbstang11

Seven Layer Taco Dip

Photo by RBola

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip

"My whole family is licking the Crock Pot! With Super Bowl weekend coming up, I thought I'd give this a test run tonight, and they are screaming that I have to make it again before next weekend! I served with Fritos Scoops and celery sticks. My daughter baked a pizza crust and spread it on that for instant buffalo chicken pizza!" -- nursie

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

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4. Guacamole

"I'm definitely adding this to my Super Bowl menu this year! Goes amazing with nachos and chili." -- sm87


Photo by Lela

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5. Brown Sugar Smokies

"I made these for the Super Bowl. They were a great hit. They take some time to make, but they were worth it. I also used the Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies Dipping Sauce from this site. Winning combination." -- Frank Barnett

2432860_Brown Sugar Smokies_14939_Photo by Allrecipes

Photo by Allrecipes

6. Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings

"I made them as directed minus the homemade sauce. As it was Super Bowl Sunday and I'd already made tons of other things I didn't want to hassel with that part. The breading was a perfect touch and I really think keeping the wings in the fridge for 90 minutes worked wonders on helping the chicken hold the breading. I made a ton of these and boy did they go fast! Can't wait for an excuse to make them again!" -- newbieveggie

Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings

Photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger

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7. Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce

"We made this sauce for Super Bowl Sunday and they were FANTABULOUS!!! This is the best sauce I have had since my childhood. My family is from buffalo so it was a ritual to eat wings on Sunday. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" -- Carrie Kilgore

Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce

Photo by Shadi Basyuni

8. Slow Cooker Cocktail Smokies

"Turned out amazing, big hit at the super bowl party!! I used sweet baby rays original bbq sauce and of course smuckers grape jelly." -- matt matt

Slow Cooker Smokies

Photo by Meredith

9. Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

"I made these for the Super Bowl and they were gobbled up in less than 20 minutes. What's not to like? Meat wrapped in meat covered in sugar -- an easy-to-make sweet-and-savory combo. If you're entertaining more than 6 or 7 people, double the recipe!" -- Brina


Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Photo by Meredith

10. Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

"Oh my wow! These are the ultimate football food. Made these for the game three days ago, and my husband is still telling me how out of this world they were. They took just a little longer to bake then time specified but they were dynamite." -- Sherry

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Photo by hungryallweighs

BONUS VIDEO: Bacon Cheeseburger Dogs

OK, we've shown admirable restraint. Now let's take this thing over the top! "Bacon Cheeseburger Dog is a great meal if you just can't decide whether you want a burger or a hot dog! Now you can have both! It's a hot dog wrapped in hamburger wrapped in bacon topped with cheese." See how it's done:

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