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11 Outrageous Snacks To Make With Boxed Brownie Mix

I'm not here to judge you for using boxed brownie mix instead of making your own brownies from scratch. I'm here to inspire you to lift it to a whole new level. Because let's face it: Sometimes shortcuts can take you to the best destinations.

1. Brownie Batter + Cupcake = The SECOND BEST Cupcake. Ever

From the mash-up maven who gave us Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cupcake = The BEST Cupcake. Ever comes this brownie-stuffed cupcake topped with fluffy peanut butter frosting. You know you'd eat that.


Brownie Batter + Cupcake = The SECOND BEST Cupcake. Ever

Photo by CookinBug

2. Brownie Cheesecake Cupcakes

So good just as is, but katigurl2011 says she topped her batch with chocolate ganache. Well played.


Brownie Cheesecake Cupcakes

Photo by Tanja

3. Death By Chocolate III

You're only four ingredients away from digging into this deep-dish dessert. The recipe calls for frozen whipped topping, but you could easily whisk up some real whipped cream while the brownies are cooling.


Death By Chocolate III

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

4. Caramel Pretzel Brownies

Sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy...did I miss anything? You get it all in every bite.


Caramel Pretzel Brownies

Photo by CoOkInGnUt

5. Caramel Popcorn Brownies

You'll want to make this for the next time you get your group together to binge-watch that show you love.


6. Coffee Brownie Milkshake

Nope, you don't even have to bake the brownie mix for this one. Just pop it in the blender with ice cream and coffee.


Coffee Brownie Milkshake

Photo by House of Aqua

7. Brownie-Mallow Bars

Top tips for making this multi-layered treat: Underbake the brownie layer slightly before completely topping with marshmallows. Put it back in the oven for just a few minutes until the marshmallows start to puff up. Let the whole thing cool before topping with the final layer of chocolate/peanut butter/crispy rice cereal.


Brownie-Mallow Bars

Photo by naples34102

8. Brownie Cones

The only thing that would make these better is to top them with cream cheese frosting. And sprinkles. Always say yes to sprinkles.


Brownie Cones

Photo by Christina

9. S'more Brownies

An easy way to get your s'mores indoors. Some reviewers used Teddy Grahams instead of graham crackers, which can only amp up the cute quotient, don't you think?


S'More Brownies

Photo by Dianne

10. Brownie Caramel Cheesecake

Be sure to bake this in a springform pan and underbake the brownie crust slightly before adding the cheesecake filling. It will continue to bake when you return it to the oven, and you don't want it to get overbaked and hard.


Brownie Caramel Cheesecake

Photo by luvmykids

11. Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

Top tips for making this super-simple treat come from naples34102: Prepare the brownie mix following directions on the box you buy, and use foil liners so they don't stick. Read the rest of her helpful tips.


Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

Photo by kwolff

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