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12 Top-Rated Pasta Sauces that Showcase Summer Tomatoes

There are plenty of ingredients that simply scream "summer," from sweet melons to crisp corn or juicy peaches. But there's something special about an at-its-peak tomato. The bright red treat (we'll leave the age-old fruit-or-vegetable argument up to you) really shines when temperatures outside are hot, hot, hot, and when you've had a fresh summer tomato, those bland grocery store offerings in the middle of winter just can't hold up. These pasta recipes will truly let that flavor shine, whether you're opting for something chill and refreshing or something warm.

Cool Pasta Salads

A warm summer's day calls for a cool and refreshing dish. Whether you're making these as meals for yourself, or looking for the perfect lighter option for a backyard potluck or pool party, these pasta salads all use fresh tomatoes to great effect.

Credit: sugarplum

Warm Pasta

Craving something heartier? The recipes below all let the sweet, yet tart flavors of fresh tomatoes shine bright. They work well as main family-style meals or individually plated entrees. Serve with fragrant garlic bread on the side.

Credit: KGora

Looking for even more uses for those fresh tomatoes? Check out Allrecipes' extensive selection of tomato pasta sauce recipes.


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