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5 Boozy Fruit Sauces to Put on Everything

Pour this season's best fruit sauces all over your pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cakes, and more. Because summer's fleeting and your mouth deserve this much deliciousness. Some recipes have a bit of booze in the mix for grown-up versions; for those that don't, I've suggested flavors that play well with the fruit. You can make them with or without, at your discretion. Cheers!

1. Raspberry Sauce

Take this gorgeous sauce one step further and add a touch of Amaretto to give it a sweet almond flavor. (Hat-tip to KELLYALBRECHT for the suggestion.) You can use it to instantly dress up any dessert, like this fruit-filled sponge cake for example, but this would be seriously good over...everything in sight!


Raspberry Sauce

Photo by Meredith

2. Peach Sauce

Elevate your weekend waffles to brunch status with this luscious peach sauce, or serve it warm over Angel Food Cake III like Sugarplum did. Want an adult version? Add a little bourbon to the mix, because you are the boss of your sauce.


Peach Sauce

Photo by Sugarplum

3. Blueberry Sauce

Lots of reviewers say the secret to this sauce is to let it sit for a day to let the flavors develop all the way. Can your French toast wait that long? Apparently it's totally worth it. You could throw a few drops of Grand Marnier in there to booze it up a bit, if you like.


Blueberry Sauce

Photo by anemptyroad

4. Sweet Blackberry Sauce

Try to guess the surprise ingredient in this sauce. Okay, I'll tell you: It's blackberry schnapps. But Emily used Chambord instead, and she loved it over cheesecake. You'll love what it does to vanilla ice cream, too.


Sweet Blackberry Sauce

Photo by Cynthia Ross

5. Supreme Strawberry Topping

Ice cream, pound cake, pancakes...this tops them all. And you know what extra touch naples34102 put in hers? That would be Creme de Cassis. Well played!


Supreme Strawberry Topping

Photo by Jessica


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