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Pickle Juice Soda: Gross or Glorious?

A couple of my elementary school friends and I used to swig pickle juice straight from the jar, insisting it made us hyper. All it really did was give us an excuse to amp up the giggles, jump up and down, and annoy our parents. But this new Pickle Juice Soda is no joke (and as an avid pickle fan, I don’t think it would annoy my dad in the least), and totally proves what revolutionaries we were…tastemakers ahead of our time, you might say.

While my friends and I never managed to turn our passion into profit, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop is now lining their shelves with this unique soda in their three Ohio and Pennsylvania locations. “If you're the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickle,” they say on their website, “then this is gonna be a really big dill.” Right now half of me is focused on those awesome pickle puns, and the other half of me is imagining all the washing down of tuna fish sandwiches and juicy burgers my dad and other pickle enthusiasts could do with this stuff. Not to mention the pickleback factor.

If you don’t live near one of the shops where they’re carried, don’t fret—you can order them online. Though, demand is so high that it looks like you can currently only order one bottle at a time, at $10 a pop (no pun intended). But here’s hoping Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop re-stocks in a big way in a real hurry because it’s been a long time since I've had a license to jumped up and down for no good reason.

Check out these recipes for perfect Pickle Juice Soda pairings:


Wash down this tuna melt with a Pickle Juice Soda. | Photo by JoeTheBaker


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