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Pink Chocolate Is Going to Change Everything

After eighty years, there's  finally a new type of chocolate. You know all about milk, dark, and white chocolate, now get set for ruby.



Ruby chocolate was developed from the ruby cocoa bean, according to the developers at Barry Callebaut, a Swiss-based organization that's among the worlds biggest chocolate producers. The chocolate has a naturally pinky-red color (hello, Instagram?) and an intense taste that the company describes as not bitter, milky, or sweet, but rather a "tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness." The berry overtones come from the cocoa bean, they say, not from added flavors.

Callebaut says this is the first new kind of chocolate on the market since white chocolate, which is made with cocoa butter and not cocoa powder. White chocolate was introduced in the 1930s. A company spokeswoman estimates ruby chocolate will be available on retail shelves sometime between 6 and 18 months from now. It should be available in the same formats as other chocolate types.

We think it'll be the hit of pink-themed baby or bridal showers, or open up new possibilities for colorful dye-free cake pops or pretty dessert fondues, or... can you imagine ruby chocolate s'mores?



About Rebekah Denn

Rebekah Denn, winner of two James Beard awards for food writing, wakes up thinking about breakfast and goes to bed remembering dinner. She is the curator of the "Edible City" exhibit at Seattle's Museum of History and Industry, and cooks at home with her omnivorous husband and three vegetarian children.