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8 Pizza Mashups That Are Pure Cheesy Brilliance

Here are a few places we never expected to find pizza. But did. We present these saucy, cheesy, only occasionally pepperoni-laden pizza mashups -- because sometimes the unexpected pizza is the best pizza.

1. Easy Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

Pizza gets the Philly treatment. It's topped with American cheese, sirloin, mushrooms, bell pepper, and onion.

Easy Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

Photo by gnomeygoose

2. Jan's Loaded Pizza Fries

Pizza blankets the frites. "Fries with pizza toppings, just like the pizza place makes," says What's for dinner, mom? "Great snack or lunchtime treat. You can make this like you would your favorite pizza - add any toppings you like!"

3. Pizza Burgers I

Pizza dons a bun. "Always been a favorite with my family," says Michelle. "We wrap them in foil and put them in the oven, it makes the buns a little crunchy, more like pizza crust

Pizza Burgers I

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

4. Pizza Cupcakes

Pizza kicks it as a cupcake. "Great recipe!" raves TechnoPoet. "Made an amazing lunch, and did taste a lot like pizza. Good with other toppings added as well."

Pizza muffins

Photo by Rock_lobster

5. Poutine Pizza

Pizza crosses the Canadian border. "This recipe adds a great Canadian favorite, poutine -- gravy, cheese, and fries -- to the world's favorite dish, pizza," says Teena.

Poutine Pizza

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

6. Pizza Eggs

Pizza for breakfast. "Working at a pizza joint, I bring home pizza a lot," says Stephanie Murrile. "I made this recipe growing up making changes as I go. Try with your favorite pizza! Top eggs with shredded Cheddar cheese if desired."

Pizza Eggs

Photo by Molly

7. Spicy Pizza Soup

Pizza's souped up. "If you enjoy pizza, you will love this spicy pizza soup topped with mozzarella cheese," says Tammy. "Include black olives, if desired."

Spicy Pizza Soup

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

8. Reuben Pizza

Pizza goes classic deli-style, with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing.

Reuben Pizza

Photo by Molly


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