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Plan A Pool Party

Make your pool party the hottest ticket of the summer.

Menu: Easy Eats at the Pool


Party Ideas

  • Send invitations stamped with a seaside theme: mermaids, shells, dolphins, pirates, etc.
  • Decorate your desserts with mini paper umbrellas.
  • Fill plastic beach buckets with fun party favors like goldfish crackers, paper fans, and digging toys.
  • Decorate inexpensive flip-flops and straw hats with small shells.
  • Hot glue fake flowers on bathing caps.
  • Float a couple dozen rubber duckies in the pool.

Pool Party Pointers

  • As the temperature soars, keep all prepared food properly chilled. Large disposable aluminum baking pans make great ice beds for bowls and platters.
  • Stock extra towels, goggles, sunblock, insect repellant, ponytail bands, beach balls, foam noodles, squirt toys, etc.
  • Supply plastic bags to tote wet things home.
  • Glassware is a big poolside no-no; use unbreakable cups instead.

Ready to dive into a pool party?

Soggy Movie Marathon
Once the sun goes down, hang a sheet on the fence and roll a film while guests lounge in and out of the water.

Play it Safe
Anytime you plunge people into water, safety is a major consideration. We recommend you hire a qualified lifeguard to watch the kids.

The American Red Cross has a great site with practical advice for pool parties: everything from where to find lifeguards for hire to how long you should wait after eating before diving in.

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