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7 Reasons Crispy Potato Wedges Are Better Than Fries

Potato wedges, jojos, oven-baked fries – whatever you like to call them – are the crispiest, tastiest potatoes you'll ever taste.

If you’re hankering for fries, potato wedges are a much better option. Because they’re baked rather than fried, they're cooked in far less oil than regular fries. They also have so much texture. The large wedge-shaped potato gives you a perfect crisp edge with lots of fluffy potato inside.

1. Oven-Baked Potato Fries

Oven-Baked Potato Fries

Photo by Baking Nana

Wedges are also the perfect carriers for flavor. As they are cooked in the oven for such a long time, they absorb flavor really well. This gives you a bunch of great options. Just by adding a few extra ingredients  you can make spicy wedges, cheesy wedges, smoky wedges or these extra-crispy wedges with breadcrumbs and spices.

2. Crispy Potato Wedges

Crispy Potato Wedges

Photo by lutzflcat

Wedges are a delicious snack or appetizer with a beer. These Buffalo Wedges have all the flavor of Buffalo wings, but are less messy to make, and healthier than fried wings or regular fries.

3.Easy Buffalo Potato Wedges

Easy Buffalo Potato Wedges

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

Wedges can be an easy side dish too. These garlic red potatoes look a treat and taste delicious with all that garlic and Parmesan cheese. Bonus points for keeping the skin on too as you get lots of extra fiber and vitamins.

4.Garlic Red Potatoes

Garlic Red Potatoes

Photo by cookinmama

Instead of store-bought chips, why not try these spicy wedges with some sour cream. It's a much tastier and more nutritious way to snack.

5. Spiced-Up Grilled Tater Wedges

Spiced-Up Grilled Tater Wedges

Photo by CC

By adding some fresh herbs to potato wedges you get extra flavor and nutrients.

6. Crusty Herb Potato Wedges

Crusty Herb Potato Wedges

Photo by Elizabeth

Don't forget sweet potatoes are potatoes too. They work just as well as potato wedges, though never quite as crispy. These chipotle roasted sweet potatoes are a winning flavor combo.

7. Jan's Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Jan's Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Photo by Sherri


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