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Profiles: It’s All About You!

What is the New Allrecipes Profile?

The new Allrecipes profile is a place to collect recipes and share cooking inspiration! Your public profile can be viewed by others to gather ideas and enhance the Allrecipes experience!

You can access your profile by either clicking the gray heart in the top right-hand corner of the page or clicking your username at the top right of the page and going to Favorites where you’ll see a bunch of new features!


At the top of the page is your cover photo, profile pic and username. All of these can be customized to show off your personality!

Cover Photo_Icons

The first icon in the picture above shows the number of followers you have on Allrecipes. Followers can see what recipes you save and create on their home page; known as the  Feed.

The second icon, a heart, displays the number of recipes in your  Favorites.

The last icon, a little spoon, shows how many recipes you have made. If you click the  I Made It button on a recipe, it’s included in this number.

You’ll also notice a button on the left that says  About Me.


Clicking this area will open up any information you’ve added about yourself! You can add a description of yourself, links to your Facebook, Pinterest, Personal blog, and more!

profile shot

Editing Your Profile

To edit your profile, you can click the Edit Public Profile button in the About Me section or click the gray gear icon on the right of your cover photo.

A drop down menu will appear where you have the options to Edit Profile, See Public Profile, change Account Settings, or go back to your Favorites.

Let’s start with  Edit Profile. This will allow us to change what is seen in our About Me.

Once you click  Edit Profile, you can change your profile picture and cover photo. Reminder that these photos must be at least 960×960 pixels to fit!

You can use the boxes on this page to add public information that you want to share with the Allrecipes community! You can also create your very own URL so your friends and family can find your profile easier using the “Profile URL” setting. Scrolling a little further down the page will allow you to link to other social networks (Facebook, Pinterest) so your followers can see what you’re up to on the web!


If you select  See Public Profile from the drop down menu from the gear button, you’ll be able to see how your profile looks to others.



Notice the  Follow button on the top of the page; if you visit someone’s profile and want to see their recipes on your home page, click this button!


Once you click that button, it will say “following.” Be sure to follow a lot of other cooks to get more inspiration!

If you’re on a recipe page and want to  follow the cook who authored it, you can click on the cook’s profile picture from the “Recipe by _____” area that appears on the Recipe preview page, like this;


The third option under your username drop down menu is  Account Settings. This is where you can update your email, password, and Newsletter subscriptions.


If you scroll down you can subscribe or unsubscribe from any of our Newsletters.

Clicking the last option under your username’s pull down menu will bring you back to your  Favorites. From here, you can see your friends, any recipes that you’ve categorized as I Made It, photos you have submitted, reviews that you have given recipes, and see any recipes that you have submitted or customized!



Here you can view who you’re following, who’s following you, and invite friends!

Profile - Friends

I Made It

This is where you can find all the recipes for which you’ve clicked I Made It!

Profile - IMI

My Photos

View all the photos you’ve uploaded to the site! This includes recipe, cover, and profile photos.

Profile - Photos

My Reviews

See all your reviews in one area!  Clicking on the review will take you to the recipe page.

Profile - Reviews

Personal Recipes

Here you can view your Public and Private Personal Recipes.  You can also submit your recipes for Kitchen Approval!  Find out more here.

profile shot645


Have you noticed that little Bell icon that appears directly to the right of Ingredient Search? Allrecipes now has on-site notifications! You’ll be notified every time someone you follow does pretty much anything on the site; saving recipes, follows someone, and more!