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These 17 Quinoa Recipes Will Make Your Healthy Life Delicious

Quinoa is loaded with healthy fiber and antioxidants. In fact, according to a Harvard study, eating a bowl of quinoa every day could significantly lower the risk of early death from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and respiratory illness.


That’s good news. Better news? These top-rated quinoa recipes have you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert. They'll make your long life delicious.

1. Quinoa and Black Beans

"A very flavorful alternative to black beans and rice." - 3LIONCUBS


Quinoa and Black Beans

Quinoa and Black Beans | Photo by CountryGirl Gourmet

2. Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa

"Sweet blueberries and tart lemon pair well in this alternative to oatmeal. High in protein and fiber, quinoa is a great start to your day!" - LilSnoo

3. Turkey and Quinoa Meatloaf

"This version of turkey meatloaf has a great texture and a surprisingly good flavor. The secret is the quinoa, which adds wonderful texture and is much nuttier than breadcrumbs." - Drew



4. Parsley Walnut Pesto Quinoa Salad

"A seriously amazing and fresh salad; the epitome of healthy and nutrition-packed. I served this over fresh baby kale with balsamic dressing on the side." - t_jones

5. Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad

"Serve this versatile salad warm in tortillas or as a filling for tacos and burritos." - SnuzzleMonkey


Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad

Photo by CookinBug

6. Amazing Mexican Quinoa Salad

"Everything you need for a very healthy meal in one dish! Substitute barley for the brown rice if desired. Turtle beans can be substituted for kidney beans." - Rita

7. Blueberry Quinoa with Lemon Glaze

"A healthy alternative for dessert...or breakfast." - Paula DiBacco


Blueberry Quinoa with Lemon Glaze

Photo by lutzflcat

8. Quinoa Jambalaya

"Move over Zatarain's, this is healthier and tastier." - Jessica Collin

9. Quinoa Pilaf with Shredded Chicken

"Make a simple pilaf a quick meal by adding shredded chicken." - thomlynn61601


1044837 Quinoa Pilaf with Shredded Chicken 169590 Occasional Cooker

Photo by Occasional Cooker

10. Quick Quinoa Chili

"Something old, something new! This quick, new-age chili has become quite the favorite in our house!" - ciao bella

11. Garlicky Quinoa Garbanzo Bean Salad

"A meal in itself-- it contains a good fat (olive oil), green vegetables (broccoli), a whole grain (quinoa), and a protein source (garbanzo beans)! It's also vegan." - jjane123



12. Quinoa Black Bean Burgers

"These vegetarian burgers are delicious! Even carnivores will be impressed. Serve on whole-wheat buns with garlic-lemon mayonnaise, fresh raw spinach, sliced tomato, and caramelized onions!" - DownHomeCitySisters


Quinoa Black Bean Burgers


13. Curried Quinoa

"A light curry flavor makes delicious quinoa a great side dish for a multitude of main courses." - A.F.

14. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

"I love this recipe! I've started adding extra veggies, like zucchini or fresh tomato, and it's even more amazing!" - eLLie



15. Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad

"I love the unique way of cooking the quinoa and the great combinations of the flavors." - Alison


Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad

Try this recipe: Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad | Photo by Clarisa

16. Mini Frittatas with Quinoa

"Savory bites equally excellent hot or cold. Ideal for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner." - Laka kuharica



17. Balsamic and Herb Quinoa Salad

"Serve this cold salad as a delicious summer side to your favorite grilled meat or try it alone as a great light lunch. It's a nice, healthy alternative to pasta and rice!" - suzyk



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