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Ramen Pringles Are What College Nostalgia Must Taste Like

Okay, as if Pringles weren’t already pretty much the most addictive chip on the market, add in a certain college staple that was so good you’d have to had forcibly rip bowlfuls from my white-knuckled hands in order to get me to stop eating it. I am, of course, referring to Top Ramen. Just saying it makes my mouth salivate. And yes, it is coming to a Pringles can near you, but only for a limited time. Can you handle all the salty goodness?


The taste of these Pringles will really take you back. | Image by Pringles.

Word has it that these crispy snacks taste exactly like the real deal. And granted, you could probably make anything ramen flavored by just sprinkling the seasoning packet over said mash-up prospect, but I’m reminded of a sign I saw at a craft fair one time: “Yeah, you could make it yourself—but are you going to?” No. The answer to that question is a hard no. Not when just popping the top of Pringles can is so very, very easy. And I’m also persuaded by their tag line: “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.” I mean, I like fun, and would definitely prefer it don’t stop, so...

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