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Red Alert! These Reaper Peppers Will Set Your Mouth On Fire

There's a new hot pepper that's starting to get loads of attention from heat seekers who like to turn the fire up to 11. While in Nashville this summer, I tried the super nova hot HOT wings at Party Fowl made with Carolina Reapers.

The Hottest Hot Wings At Party Fowl in Nashville, Tenn.

The Hottest Hot Wings At Party Fowl in Nashville, Tenn. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Around the table, I saw grown men crying and waving the server over to order more beer. This fiery chili, created in South Carolina by self-described mad scientist Ed Currie, has been rated the hottest pepper in the world. Hotter than Ghost, way hotter than the Scorpion. Which makes it pretty tricky to prep.

Party Fowl chef Geoff Rooney wears gloves when handling, of course. But he also makes sure the corner of the kitchen is well-ventilated. He grinds dried Reapers into a powder and mixes into a spice blend. A little goes a long way, he said, with 4 ounces of ground pepper going into 2 pounds of spice blend.

For timid palates looking to get the exotic flavor without the heat, chef Geoff said that's just not going to happen: "The Reapers are too hot" to be watered down.

In a city famous for its hot chicken — there's an annual Hot Chicken Festival every July — Party Fowl is taking that mission to a new extreme and fans are eating it up.

Carolina Reapers are the hottest peppers on the planet

Carolina Reapers are the hottest peppers on the planet. Via Wickipedia

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