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11 Refreshing Beer Cocktails for Summer Brunchin'

When the temps climb to sticky/sweaty territory, it's the perfect time to bust out those refreshing beer cocktails. Creations such as Michelada, Beer Margaritas and more make summer brunching a lot more fun, too. They're lighter than the traditional Bloody Mary or Mimosa, and they go amazingly well with savory brunch faves like Eggs Benedict. We've rounded up the top-rated beertails on the site for your summer sipping pleasure. Enjoy!

Tomato Juice Based

Before Michealadas became the hottest beer cocktail on the planet, there was Red Beer and all sorts of variations of it. Don't care for tomato juice? You just might change your mind after trying one of these spiced-right cocktails. Pro tip: Always finish the drink by pouring beer on the top of the mixer. Makes for maximum refreshment.

Pucker Up

Citrus-centric cocktails have the edge when it comes to cooling you off when the weather turns extra warm. Bonus! Extra Vitamin C. Pro tip: Invest a little in a citrus reamer to get the maximum juice from your fruit.

beer margaritas

Photo by Allrecipes

Polish up your mixology skills by watching this short demo by Chef John on making a Sunset Michelada:

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