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How To Seed Tomatoes

A step-by-step tutorial for removing tomato seeds from fresh tomatoes.

There's more than one way to seed a tomato. We'll guide you through two easy methods.

sliced tomatoes for salsa

seeding tomatoes

1. Whether you're using peeled or unpeeled tomatoes, you'll seed them in the same way. Here's a step-by-step for How to Peel Tomatoes.

2. Cut the tomato in half from side to side, not top to bottom. Why? If you were to cut it from top to bottom, you would expose some of the seed compartments inside of the tomato. By cutting the tomato from side to side, you keep all of the seed compartments inside.


3. At this point, you have two options for getting rid of the seeds. The first option is to gently squeeze the tomato. Be cautious with the amount of pressure you exert when squeezing, otherwise you might destroy the shape of the tomato (which will make dicing more difficult).


4. The second option is to scrape the seeds out of the tomato with a small tool or even with your finger. This option requires more time, but will reserve tomato's shape better than the squeezing method.

You could also remove the compartment walls with a spoon if you would like to create a nice tomato-cup for stuffing. If you intend to use the tomato for a cup, slice off a very thin slice from the bottom so that it will not fall over, tilt, or roll around when served.


VIDEO: How to Peel, Seed, and Dice Tomatoes



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