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You'll Never Guess the Secret Ingredient In This Crazy Popular Taco Recipe

Is it Taco Tuesday yet? It doesn't have to be Tuesday for you to enjoy one of the best dishes ever created. For instance, our Cowboy Tacos recipe caught the eye of more than 130,000 home cooks last week, and it's great for any (or every!) day of the week. This recipe's secret ingredient -- apricot preserves! -- takes it over the top.

Cowboy Tacos


Photo by Wyattdogster

Go tropical with your tacos.

Your Favorite Recipe

If you haven't heard of Banana Banana Bread, let ONESHELL fill you in: "Everytime I make banana bread, it comes out so heavy. Not with this recipe..It is by far THE BEST BANANA BREAD I have ever made..My family loved it. I made it and they ate it in one day!!!!" How's that for a stellar review? The recipe continues to gain popularity, and it had the biggest increase in saves last week with more than 13,000!

Banana Banana Bread


Photo by scurry1home

Your Favorite New Recipe

If a quick and easy meal is what you're craving, our newly published Traditional Mexican Street Tacos should be on your list. Our cooking community dubbed this the best new recipe and highlighted its versatility in reviews. They're also perfect for a party!

Traditional Mexican Street Tacos


Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

Learn how to make the best tacos ever.

Your Most Searched-For Recipes

Both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby were last week, so we had many food and drink related searches. Though these foodie holidays have passed, you may still be craving a mint julep or margarita cake. We're here to help!


Margarita Cupcakes. Photo by Melissa Goff


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