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Shopping List

Create a Shopping List in one place with everything you’ll need for all of the tasty recipes you’ll be making!

Allrecipes is here to help! Now you’ll never be caught without soy sauce again – as long as you add it to your shopping list. You can use the Shopping List feature in two easy steps:

  1. Be sure you are logged into your Allrecipes account.
  2. Click on your display name and select Shopping List from the dropdown menu.

You can add ingredients (either single ingredients or all ingredients for the recipe) to your shopping list from any recipe page under the  Ingredients portion of the recipe.

Click the plus sign next an ingredient to add ONLY that ingredient to your Shopping list. Or Click the plus sign next to “Add all ingredients to list” to add all of the recipes ingredients at once.



You can add additional items by entering them into the  Add your own Item box on the top left corner of the shopping list page and clicking the + icon. You can also quickly view any recipe that you’ve added to your shopping list by clicking the  Recipes in list menu and scrolling through the tasty treats you’re buying ingredients for!
                 Shopping List2
Now you can take your shopping list with you, right on your smart phone with the Dinner Spinner App! Just click each ingredient as you put it in your cart to mark it off your list.
To remove ingredients from your shopping list, select the  Pencil icon on the top right of the page, and click the red next to the ingredient you wish to remove (you can also remove entire recipes from your shopping list by selecting the red  in the  Recipes in list)
                 editing shopping list


Now that you’ve got all the ingredients in your  Shopping List, we can’t wait to see what you and your kitchen can create!